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High Falls Speech Therapy Center, LLC provides evaluation and treatment of communication disorders across the lifespan with a focus on motor speech disorders.

                     Birth-3                                          Adolescence     

                     Preschool                                      Adults

                     School Age                                    Geriatrics​​​

What We Treat

  SPEECH DISORDERS:  Impairment in the articulation of speech sounds, fluency     (stuttering and cluttering) and/or resonance and voice.
                                                     Motor Speech Disorders
  Apraxia: A neurological speech disorder that impairs a person's ability to                program and coordinate speech sounds.
  Dysarthria:  A speech disorder caused by muscle weakness
                                                     Additional Impairments
  LANGUAGE DISORDERS: Impaired comprehension and/or use of spoken, writing    and/or other other communication symbol system. May involve the form of        language, content and/or the function of language.
  COGNITIVE COMMUNICATION DISORDERS: Any disorder of communication that     involves the thought processes of attention, memory, organization, problem        solving/reasoning, and executive functions.
  DYSPHAGIA:  A disorder of feeding and swallowing.
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